Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Want to Know God's Heart

I want to know Your heart, God. I have to know Your heart. I want to pray prayers that thrill Your heart. I want to pray prayers that please You… not prayers to bless me… I am already so blessed I can hardly see straight. I’m weary of my superficial prayers, and I sense that You are too. I’m bored with my prayers that must make You yawn as well.

I know there is a different way to pray and I want to find it! I want to find power in prayer. I want my prayers to take me into Your very throne room. You sacrificed Your son just so I could have that privilege, and yet I sit here and pray lazy, shallow prayers that require no faith. They involve no risk. Who would know if they ever got answered or not because they are so vague. Lord, I want to know Your heart!

Lord, the needs are so great. Help me today as I press in close to You… close to Your heart. Help me to pray the prayer that thrills You today.