Tuesday, February 14, 2017

An Unassuming Savior

I love that Jesus is a carpenter--unassuming, normal, average, maybe even below average economically. He doesn't promote himself. He could easily disappear into a crowd. His cousin, John, the one who prepared the way for Him, didn't know for sure that he had the right guy. Until he begins his public ministry, he doesn't stand out in a crowd. Then when he does go into full time ministry, He doesn't draw attention to himself... he doesn't have to. People are just drawn to him. Maybe because he's so much like them... but not.

He's so average... but not.
He's so normal... yet supernatural.
He's so one of us... but something's different.

He breathes the same air, wears clothes made by human hands, walks on earth's dust. That dust even clings to him as it does to us. He sweats. He eats bread and drinks wine. His blood, like ours, is red. He is not untouchable.

But one touch from Him... will change your life. Because, as normal as he is, there is something special about him.

Yes, He walks on earth's dust, but He also walks on water. He drinks water, but he also turns it into wine--not just any wine, but the best wine anyone has ever tasted. He breaks bread and eats it with his friends. He also multiplies a few loaves and fish into enough to feed 5,000 families... with baskets full left over.

Then he becomes bread--broken bread. He pours out his blood. Broken bread and poured out wine. Crushed, bruised, broken and poured out for us. This unassuming savior becomes the sacrificial lamb that pays the ultimate price for our sin... for all sin. He becomes our righteousness... paves the way for us to come before the throne of God.

Do you know this unassuming savior? There's a book about his life. It's really good. You should read it! You'll come to love this savior too!