Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pray for the People of Haiti

I just read over my post from a few days ago. I'm still concerned for my little one, but oh, what about all those little ones in Haiti who are so very young and now have no parents. What about the parents who now have no children?

It's so easy to think that those people are so far away and of such a different culture than we are and forget to pray for them. We forget that they are real people just like we are. Their situation was desperate before the earthquake, but at least they had each other--they had their families. Now families have been separated. What little they had now lies in a pile of rubble--and some of their loved ones are under that pile of rubble. Some may not know where their family members are. They may not know whether they are dead or alive. They may be injured but unable to get the medical help they need to recover.

Oh, pray for the people of Haiti. No life is not fair and no one knows that better now than the people of Haiti.

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