Monday, June 21, 2010

Between Times of Inspiration

Wow, apparently, it's been a whole month since my last time of inspiration. I feel like I'm just barely keeping up with daily responsibilities. Since my little one came, life has changed. I don't have hours to sit in my chair, reading, pondering and writing.

Oswald Chambers tells me that, "Routine is God's way of saving us between times of inspiration." He goes on, "Do not expect God always to give you his thrilling minutes but learn to live in the domain of drudgery by the power of God."

But I want to be inspired and inspiring! Hmm, "I." That sounds like it's all about me. I can't force inspired moments. I can't muster them. I can't cling to past moments of inspiration. Only God can inject me with moments of inspiration. If I try to create them, I will fail. I will be seen for what I am, and if I'm trying to force something that is not from God, I am a fake, a fraud and I will be found out!

Jesus laid down his life for 33 years. There was only one brilliant moment, according to Owsald Chambers, and that was at the Mount of Transfiguration. The rest of Jesus' life was pouring himself out--day in and day out.

Chambers says, "Jesus did not ask me to die for him but to lay down my life for him... It is far easier to die than to lay down the life day in and day out with the sense of high calling. We are not made for brilliant moments, but we have to walk in the light of them in ordinary ways."

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