Friday, March 28, 2014

A Three-Year-Old Dream

Almost three years ago, God laid a dream on my heart. Some people tried to discourage me--I tried to discourage myself. I hid it for months before I shared it with the people who could make it happen. And I still asked God to take it away if it wasn't from Him. Apparently, it was. In three days that dream will become a reality. We are going to the Dream Center in Los Angeles.

This is not a vacation. There will be no pedicures or lounging on the beach, no luxurious dining or shopping malls. We are going to serve people--people who make this Polly Anna girl uncomfortable. We will be serving in a world that, in the past, I would prefer to ignore. I haven't wanted to believe that it really exists. I am pretty comfortable with my life in my safe little bubble, but this week, I'll be stepping out of it. And I am praying that I and the others going with me will never be the same.


  1. i hope and pray that you get out of this what your dream is to. pray that i can accept jim is in a better place with god and he is not suffering. i still get angry that god took him from me without warning. i will always miss and love him but pray that i can better cope with this and lead some sort of normal life. thanks cindy. have a safe trip

    1. Ella, I so understand your anger at God. I've been there! But I totally believe that God hurts with us when we hurt, and He cries with us when we cry. I also believe that He has a plan that's so big, we can't see it. We can only see our one little piece of the puzzle, our tiny fragment in the grand scheme of things. And one day, we'll see the whole picture and we'll understand. But until then, we have to trust steadily in God, hope unswervingly and love others extravagantly. That's part of what this whole Dream Center thing is for me. I want to learn to love others better. Hang in there, Ella. Trust the Lord, look for Him in the little things!

  2. Cindy! Did you know the thesis I am currently finishing up for my master's is on sex-trafficking in San Diego?? I specifically focuses on the need for specialized and holistic treatment. I've been able to get involved in so many committees here in San Diego AND I just got a job at a Salvation Army transitional living center where many girls come through who are being trafficked. I had no idea it was something you are so cognizant of. How long are you going to be in LA for?? So close to me!! I hope you are able to fulfill whatever it is your trying to while you're there. I love you!!

    1. Yes, Jen, I could tell we had a common interest in this with some of the things you're doing. I didn't know you focusing on it that much though. Thank goodness for people like you! Our area of the country is a big cross roads for human trafficking, and we became aware of it a few years ago. We did a fundraiser through our women's ministry at our church, but we want to do more. That's why I want to bring women to LA to see what a huge operation they have at the Dream Center, not just with trafficking, but in working with the homeless, addicts, etc. We have the same kinds of problems here, but on a little smaller scale. I'm hoping we will come back pumped up and ready to love the people around us better!

      The Salvation Army is one of my favorite organizations--congratulations on your job there! We'll just be in LA for a week, but I'm hoping we come back changed, with our capacity for loving others hugely expanded.

      I am scared silly, because I'm pretty good at keeping my heart very protected and my head safely tucked in the sand, but I know it's time for that to stop. I'm asking God to help me let him break my heart for people who feel so unloved and discarded because He has not stopped loving them and He has not discarded them!

      Thanks for all you're doing! And keep up the good work! We just have to cross paths one of these days! I love you so much, Jennifer!

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