Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Continuing the Dream

My life was greatly impacted, not just by my trip to the Dream Center, but also in the weeks and months leading up to and since the trip. I have seen how self-centered, self-indulgent and complacent I am. Like I’ve said before, I am very comfortable in my bubble, and it was hard to step out. But out I am, and I want to keep moving farther and farther from that bubble. I know that if I don’t intentionally keep moving away from it, I will one day find myself right back in it.

It is for all those reasons that I’m writing this post. A young lady from our church is raising money to get to the Dream Center and serve in their Leadership Program this fall. That is something I would definitely have done if I were 18 again! I gave a little money to help, but felt like I wanted to do more. So I was asking the Lord how I could help her raise money for her trip. Within a day of my prayer, she posted a picture of some jars that she has made to collect spare change to go toward her trip. I instantly knew I needed one. But I want to put more than my spare change in it!

I live in a very comfortable house in a nice neighborhood. I work in a small town and spend my lunch hours and coffee breaks in meetings or social gatherings with my friends and coworkers. Recently, some health issues have arisen in myself and some friends of mine that could likely be controlled by a healthier diet and exercise. I’ve been thinking that I need to pack a healthy lunch more often and cut down on eating out.

When I saw Haley’s picture of her jars, a light bulb went off in my head! I can cut down on my lunches out and put that money in the jar for her. AND I can challenge my coworkers to do the same. But that’s still not enough. I want to challenge everyone who is connected with my church in any way to give up at least one lunch out a week and put the money they would have spent into the jar for Haley’s trip to the Dream Center!

So, will you join me? Will you continue my dream of sending women from our rural and small town neighborhoods to experience God on a new level? Let’s move out of our comfortable bubbles and share that experience with Haley. The jar will be on my desk at the church office. Please stop in a drop off your donation. We might even enjoy a brown bag lunch together while your there!Who knows, we may even lose a few pounds and get a little healthier in the process?!

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