Monday, January 26, 2015

Snow Day 29/365

It's a snow day. I am curled up in a blanket near the wood stove that has a brightly burning fire going. The pan of water on the stove hisses over the heat. My afghan is soft and warm. My fuzzy slippers hug my feet. My coffee is strong and hot. My Bible rests on the chair next to me as I have just completed my devotional.

Today I feel blessed. I have a Courier and Ives backyard that has a fresh coating of snow, and I am cozy warm in my house as I gaze out into this winter wonderland.

It's going to be a Jammie day. Maybe we'll watch a movie after a breakfast of pancakes and bacon. We'll read, practice piano, and maybe make cookies. But I think I'll let most chores slide today.

It's been a very busy weekend, and I am relishing this quiet time. Learning to live in the present, counting my blessings, practicing eucharisteo.

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