Sunday, July 26, 2015


Mark 16:9-14 

Three paragraphs--three cases of disbelief.

The disciples were in shock. All their hopes and dreams were crushed. Life didn't turn out like they had planned. They were mourning and weeping when Mary Magdalene burst into the room with the most wonderful news!

But, like the Shunamite woman, (2 Kings 4) they were emotionally too frail to entertain such a thought. It was too much of a risk to believe that, just maybe, he was alive. They had already been devastated--their hope for any kind of future--everything they had staked their lives on--was gone... dead. It was just too risky to believe.

May I never be too afraid to believe. Even if it means making myself vulnerable... at risk of being hurt... Lord, help me to believe.

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