Friday, August 14, 2015

The Master in Heaven Has No Favorites!

Ephesians 6:5-9

I have a bad habit (actually I have a lot of bad habits, but this one came to mind this morning.) Maybe you have it too. I hope not, and I wish I didn't either. I pray that, as I continue this sanctification process, I'll be delivered from this habit!

When I meet new people, or just see them in the grocery store, restaurant, or church, I tend to categorize them. Are they like me? Are they someone I'd like to hang out with? Or are they in one of the categories of people who make me uncomfortable, or who I don't feel I have time for? Ouch! I'm being brutally honest and transparent here. Don't judge me!

So, there are the people who are like me--or at least like I wish I could be! They're funny, smart, outgoing, personable. Then there are those who make me uncomfortable--the introverts. They can also be funny, smart and personable, but they intimidate me. I feel like they can see right into my soul. I can't hide behind my loudness and laughter with them. They don't say much, so they have time to be more discerning, and they can see right through my fake smile.

Then there are the really intelligent, confident people who catch me when I try to use terminology (big words!) to look smart too. But sometimes I use the wrong words, and end up showing my ignorance.

There are more categories of people I avoid: people of a different economic status from me, perfect parents, super spiritual, non-spiritual, needy people, the list could go on and on. Wow, am I ever limiting myself as far as knowing God's people. I'm limiting my exposure to ideas, truth and knowledge.

I'm so glad God doesn't play favorites... Remember, we all "have the same Master in Heaven, and He has no favorites." Ephesians 6:9

So, I guess clamoring to the front of the line to get to God doesn't really work, does it? Stepping on people to try and get God to notice me or what I've done would not be a good thing.

Oh, my soul, He sees you. He notices you. He knows you. He knows the good things about you as well as the bad, and He loves you anyway. You don't need to clamor for His attention, you've already got it. This is no popularity contest. You don't need to be in the "IN" crowd. Just submit yourself to Him and you're IN! There are no categories, only the "Loved by God" category. That's all of us--even me!

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