Thursday, April 9, 2009

Esther and the Providence of God

We just finished Beth Moore's study of the book of Esther last night. What a great study about God's providence in the middle of what looks like hopeless circumstances! The book of Esther talks about a huge reversal of destiny for the Jews under Persion rule, but also shares lots of smaller, more personal reversals of destiny. As Christians in America, we have somehow gotten the idea that life is supposed to be smooth sailing with no saddness or pain or difficult situations. Somehow, we view people who don't have perfect lives to have done something wrong or made God mad or something. While it's true that we reap what we sow, sometimes tough times come because God is molding us and shaping us into the people of depth that He wants us to be. And sometimes they come just because we live on an imperfect planet with lots of other imperfect people.

But are our lives dependent on fate? Are our circumstances all about the roll of the dice? Does everything happen by chance? Oh, I don't think so! Check out the book of Esther for how the roll of the dice (lot) impacted the Jewish people in Persia. (Esther 3:5-8 & 9:24-25) Then check out Psalm 16:5, "The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot."

Here's what Beth Moore has to say about that--it made me want to jump up and down!
"No matter what life--or Satan himself--hands us, the favor God has on His children causes that 'lot' to tumble out on the table in such a way that, instead of destruction, the child will discover that her portion turned into destiny one trusting step at a time." One trusting step at a time... sometimes that's about all I can muster! Sometimes each trusting step is so hard! It takes every ounce of strength I have to take it, but with the hope that I have for the reversal of destiny, I gather up every bit of courage I can find and I take it! So, for today, I'll stand on the promises of God that in my weakness, His strength is made known (2 Corinthians 12:9); that my loving heavenly Father has assigned me my portion and my cup, and that He holds my lot.

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