Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Finding Worth as a Woman

I just got a great little book from Chuck Swindol called, "Releasing Worry and Finding Worth as a Woman." Good stuff. Who knew that so many of us struggle with these two things. You'd never guess it on Sunday morning as we all tell each other we're "Fine, how are you?!"

So many times I need to remind myself that God made me--that's me, with all my faults, weaknesses and failures--in His image. I am worth the price His Son paid for me. To say that the price He paid was not enough must be like a slap in the face of my valiant savior, who was willing to go through hell on earth as well as Hell itself to rescue me. To say that my failures are still greater than His redeeming work must be like a knife through His heart.

Oh, I don't want to hurt my savior that way. I want to fall at His feet in grateful submission and thankfulness for His priceless gift to me! Let me never take it for granted, but let me never refuse to accept it either.

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