Friday, April 10, 2009

What's so Good about Good Friday?

Today is Good Friday. Today we remember the darkest day in history. I would usually prefer to ignore days like today. I like happy, bright and sunny days. I like to pretend that there is no evil in the world. I want everyone to be happy and pain free. But the good news is always better when we feel the full brunt of the bad news. Light is so much brighter when you've just come out of the dark.

It must have been dreadfully dark for the followers of Jesus who didn't yet know the end of the story. If you haven't see "The Passion," now would be a great time to watch it. Find some way to experience the deep saddness and despair that the people who loved Jesus felt as they helplessly watched their Savior die a slow, painful death. It is difficult, but without it, the joy we feel on Easter Sunday will be diminished.

I'm so glad we have the benefit of knowing that Sunday is coming! That's why we can call it GOOD Friday. If it hadn't been for Good Friday, where would we be? Still lost in our sins, our hurts and our hang-ups, bearing the weight of it all. Now that would be dreadful. But it would have been even more dreadful if it weren't for Resurrection Sunday! Now that's good! Make sure you find a celebration this weekend... and bring a friend to share it with!

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