Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Noticer

I love to be noticed. I talk loudly, I laugh loudly, I even sneeze loudly. Why do I have this innate desire to be noticed?

I like to wear bright colors. I love to joke around and be the life of the party. I like high heels, even though I’m tall. Why? Because I want to be noticed!

Sometimes I’m driven to succeed. I often trample over friends and people I love to do so. God help anyone who gets in my way when I have a goal in mind. All because I want to be noticed!

I write a blog partly because I want someone to notice me. I want to be important. I want to do something that matters. I want to make a difference. I want to be noticed.

And yet, God sits quietly in the background, waiting-- waiting for me to run crying into His arms. He knows that no matter how loud I am, or how brightly dressed, no matter how funny I am, and no matter how many loved ones I trample to achieve success, either I will fail to get noticed or the attention I receive won’t fill me the way I thought it would. He sits there quietly… noticing.

God notices when I sit all alone in my chair, pouring out my heart, my grief and my joy to Him. He notices when I stand in a crowd of hundreds of people worshiping Him. He notices when I stand in a group of women, feeling invisible or inadequate. He notices when I’m serving after everyone else has gone home. He notices when I gently, lovingly care for my little girl. He notices when I defer to and give my husband the respect he longs for and deserves.

Why do I crave the attention of people when I already have the attention of All Mighty God? Why would I ever want anything more than that?

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