Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Pray for the People of Japan

We've all been horrified by the videos and news we are receiving from Japan. Today, I hope to help, even if it's a minuscule amount.

I've added a "Hello Bar" from World Vision to my blog in hopes that someone will see it and use it to send aid to Japan. I know I don't have a huge audience, but if you happen to be reading this, please consider clicking on the link above that says, "Donate now to help." World Vision is a very reputable organization and you can know that your donation will be used with good stewardship. If you're not comfortable clicking a link, I completely understand! Just go to http://www.worldvision.org/ to give your gift or get more information.

If you would like to find out how to add a link to World Vision to your blog or Facebook page, send me a message and I'll forward the information on to you. Or "like" World Vision's Facebook page and you can find more information there.

Let's be the hands and feet of Jesus and share our Unswerving Hope with the people of Japan during their time of need!

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