Monday, October 1, 2012

Wisdom From Yogi

I love Yogi Tea--especially the Blueberry Slimlife flavor. I was hoping it would make me instantly skinny, but I think there may be more to it than drinking tea. :(

Anyway, each Yogi tea bag has a little saying--a word of "wisdom." You certainly have to consider the source, like a fortune cookie. Some are really good, and some are just silly.

This teabag caught my eye last Friday evening. I know my blog content lately has been severely lacking. There has been no depth. It's because I have had no depth. Depth takes time, focus, concentration, prayer and meditation. It takes reading, both of the Bible and of authors I deeply respect. I've just been doing enough to get by--just enough to get me through the day, but not enough to gain any depth. Is there a pattern here? I think so. I do well for a while, then my routine changes--school starts, holidays hit, vacation, summer, whatever. When my routine changes, I lose my discipline and I lose my depth.

That's why this teabag caught my eye...

"To learn, read" Yes, I love to read. I love to read my friends' latest status updates on Facebook, I love to read the sale ads from Kohls, I love to read the drive through menu, and sometimes even the laminated kind at the real sit-down restaurants! Those things are easy. It's a little harder to read the kinds of things that bring learning. It's time I do a little more of that!

"To master, teach" (Yes, I know I skipped one--I'll get to it in a minute.) How true. Usually when we teach something, it's a lesson that we need more ourselves than those we teach. (at least that's what all the teachers I know say!)

"To know, write" Oh boy, this one is getting personal. To know what? Myself, my selfishness, my sin, my desires, my strengths, my hopes and dreams, and yes, my God. I am a "writer." I don't mean writer as in author. I just mean that I need to write. I have so many thoughts whirling around in my head, unless I write, I never really think. I just whirl! That's why this blog helps me. Whether anyone else ever reads it or not is not the point. Sometimes, I just need to stop the whirling and the accountability I feel toward this entity helps me with my lack of self discipline.

So thank you,! And thanks to anyone who takes time to read!

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